Help for Victims in Criminal Cases

Victim's Rights

Rhode Island law gives victims of crime certain rights, such as the right to obtain certain notifications about their cases and the right to be heard by the court before sentencing in cases where an offender is found guilty after a trial.

Learn more by reading the Rhode Island Victim’s Rights Statute.


Advocates are available to provide you information, help you navigate systems, and help you work through procedures.

Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Program

Domestic violence court advocates help victims of domestic violence navigate the legal system by educating them about their rights and helping them secure those rights; by informing victims of the availability of protective orders and helping them obtain them as appropriate; and by referring them to vital social services.

These are all critical steps in increasing victim safety and making those in crisis feel less overwhelmed by legal proceedings.

Domestic violence court advocates work in every district court in Rhode Island to assist victims in domestic violence cases.

Call the courthouse in your area for more information and to reach a court advocate:

Garrahy Judicial Complex (Providence)

Noel Judicial Complex (Kent)

McGrath Judicial Complex (Wakefield)

Murray Judicial Complex (Newport)

Law Enforcement Advocates (LEAs) are employed by victim service agencies and work within local police departments. They are available to provide support, information, and referrals to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. For more details about LEA services, click here.

Please note: These phone numbers are not emergency numbers. In case of emergency, call 911 or the emergency number of the specific police department.


Central Falls and Pawtucket Police Departments
Advocate Cell: 401-428-4709
Central Falls Office: 401-723-3057
*Bilingual – Spanish

Charlestown, Hopkinton, Narragansett, New Shoreham, Richmond, and South Kingstown Police Departments
Advocate Cell: 401-741-4376

Coventry, West Greenwich, East Greenwich, and North Kingston Police Departments
Advocate Cell: 401-345-7034
Coventry Office: 401-826-8915

Cranston and Johnston Police Departments
Advocate Cell: 401-585-5117
Johnston Office: 401-757-3139
Cranston Office: 401-477-5040
*Bilingual – Spanish

Cumberland, Woonsocket, and Burrillville Police Departments
Advocate Cell: 401-441-9021
Woonsocket Office: 401-766-3628
Burrillville Office: 401-710-9663
*Bilingual – Spanish

Foster, Glocester, Scituate, Smithfield, and North Smithfield Police Departments
Advocate Cell: 401-541-0612

Jamestown, Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth, Tiverton, and Little Compton Police Departments
Advocate Cell: 401-222-9112
*Bilingual – Polish

North Providence and Lincoln Police Departments
Advocate Cell: 401-500-8627
North Providence Office: 401-231-4533 ext.1145

Providence Police Department (bilingual-Spanish)
Advocate Cell: 401-612-4088
Office: 401-243-6334
*Bilingual – Spanish

Warwick and West Warwick Police Departments
Advocate Cell: 401-391-8490
West Warwick 401-827-9026, ext. 1140
Office: 401-468-4372

Westerly Police Department
Court Office: 401-782-4174


Rotating LEA
Advocate Cell: 401-834-2755

Police Liaison for Rhode Island State Police
Advocate Cell: 401-678-9374
Office: 401-764-5719

Attorney General’s Victim Services
The Attorney General’s Victim Services Office provides advocacy for victims in felony cases being heard in Superior Court.

Department of Corrections Victim Advocates
The Department of Corrections Office of Victim Services (OVS) is designed to serve all crime victims whose offenders are currently in custody at the Adult Correctional Institutions. OVS can also assist concerned family members of these victims as well as professional service providers and law enforcement.

Day One Sexual Assault/Special Victims’ Advocates

  • Providence Police Department
    • Advocate Cell: 401-480-0841
    • Bilingual – Spanish
  • Statewide
    • Advocate Cell: 401-767-6345
  • Sexual Assault Advocate
    • Office: 401-421-4100 ext. 136
  • Sexual Assault Advocate
    • Office: 401-421-4100 ext. 104
    • Bilingual – Spanish

Office of Victim Services at the Department of Corrections

  • VINE Crime Victim Advocate
    • Office: 401-462-0381

Information on Offenders

If you would like to stay informed about the status of a criminal case or the current status of an offender, the following electronic resources can help you access that information:

RI Attorney General’s Victim Services
The new online VOICE system on the RI Attorney General’s website allows victims of crime in the State of Rhode Island to obtain information on criminal cases and information about their offenders. You will need to create an account and provide personal information to verify your identity at the link above.

Rhode Island Public Portal
Rhode Island Public Portal is a public site where anyone can search all public criminal court records in Rhode Island. With ongoing cases, the records will generally provide information on the next court date scheduled in the case.

Victim Information & Notification Everyday (VINE)
VINE is a free, anonymous, computer-assisted telephone service that provides offender custody information and notification of changes in offender custody status.

Department of Corrections Inmate Search
Inmate search will allow you to find information on all offenders currently in the custody of the Rhode Island Department of Corrections.

Helpline Available 24/7

The confidential statewide Helpline can be reached by calling 1-800-494-8100 or using the online chat here. The Helpline is for all victims of violent crime, including domestic and dating abuse, and those looking for more information to help a victim of violence

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