Support Community-Led Solutions

Address the Root Causes of Violence

Support Community-Led Solutions

The Deborah DeBare Domestic Violence Prevention Fund (DVPF) funds community-based projects that address the root causes of violence. The DVPF also supports services for children who witness domestic violence. One goal of the DVPF grant program is to address health disparities by supporting prevention strategies led by the community, with a focus on engaging and affirming youth of color, LGBTQ+, Two-Spirit, and gender nonconforming youth, and youth with disabilities. As a state, we must strengthen our investment in the DVPF to break the cycle of abuse and prevent IPV before it happens in the first place.

Implementation Projects

DVPF Implementation Projects focus on addressing shared risk and protective factors for violence and on altering norms, policies, and community conditions to prevent IPV before it starts

Community Micro-grants

Community Micro-grants are short-term projects that foster and increase community cohesion through public awareness, education, and the arts. The goal of these projects is to help community members make a personal connection to the issue of intimate partner violence prevention and encourage bystanders to take action and get involved in their schools and communities.

Helpline Available 24/7

The confidential statewide Helpline can be reached by calling 1-800-494-8100 or using the online chat here. The Helpline is for all victims of violent crime, including domestic and dating abuse, and those looking for more information to help a victim of violence

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