Alicia Living, Director of Communications

Alicia Mickelson is the Director of Communications at the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV). She focuses on sharing powerful stories of victims and survivors of domestic violence through media and public relations. Her work encourages public awareness of our community-wide need for understanding of domestic violence and support to address domestic abuse. Alicia holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus in management from Colorado State University. After graduating business school, Alicia moved to the Middle East where she opened a community-based learning center to support families. After moving back to the U.S., Alicia worked in business relations with a nonprofit in Oregon to help support the empowerment of people with disabilities. As a survivor, Alicia also works as an advocate on her own time and shares her own experience to foster safety for women and girls. Alicia enjoys spending time with her children and partner, acrylic painting on any size canvas or medium and writing non-fiction.

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