Alex Kithes, Communications Coordinator

Alex Kithes is the Communications Coordinator at the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV), where he’s worked since February 2023. In his role, he works towards the implementation of the RICADV’s communications plan, by drafting and editing press communications, digital media, verbal communications, mass emails, and publications, interfacing with media, photographing RICADV events, and serving as the Communications Team’s liaison to Ten Men. Alex is a lifelong Woonsocket community member, the son of working-class Greek immigrants, and a proud graduate of the Woonsocket public school system. It was in high school where he first took part in community justice work, organizing with other students and teachers against education cuts. He has degrees in engineering from Boston University and Brown University, and his work has evolved over the past few years from engineering into advocacy and community organizing. His role as communications coordinator and work as a community advocate has been shaped by a number of other experiences, including membership in the RICADV’s 2021 Ten Men cohort, his work as a contributing writer for two RI publications, his housing justice activism including as a core organizer in the 2021 Sleep Out, his climate justice activism, his coordinating role in the first-ever (and now annual!) Woonsocket Pride celebration, and his management of multiple political campaigns. He also serves as the board president and executive director of Rebuild Woonsocket, an organization dedicated to uplifting the voices of his underserved community and advocating for intersectional justice. When he’s not working, Alex is an avid painter and artist, writer, gardener and chicken-keeper, nature-lover, and cook.

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