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Public Policy

State House

Advocating for public policy change in Rhode Island is a crucial component of the RICADV's work to help protect victims and survivors of domestic violence and to hold abusers accountable. The RICADV engages survivors of domestic violence along with its six member agencies and the public to help shape the systems that govern our society. The RICADV's Policy Team works to impact Rhode Island's legislative, criminal justice, and economic arenas to create a society that is safe for all members and intolerant of abuse and violence.

At the RICADV, we know that public policy change requires active citizens and engaged constitutents. We work hard to help our supporters and community members stay apprised of policy-related events and initiatives pertaining to domestic violence.

By making our voices heard, we ensure that domestic violence victims never stand alone.

TAKE ACTION - Become an active bystander in the movement. Together we can end domestic violence in Rhode Island.

Learn more about the RICADV's current legislative priorities and past policy projects.