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Financial Empowerment

Financial Independence for Survivors

Domestic violence impacts the lives of women and their families. The Allstate Foundation supports survivors through resources targeted to build financial independence and educates the public on how hard it is for people to leave an abusive relationship without economic resources.


Other Resources

Other State and National Resources

Below is a list of local, state and national resources for more information on domestic violence, actions being taken to protect women and victims, health issues, safety and how to help. Click the "read more" link to view the entire article.

Rhode Island Resources

Resource Library

The RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence has a resource library available to its member agency staff and the community. Books, videos, DVDs, resource manuals and training guides are available on topics such as:

  • Domestic violence (general information on family violence, domestic violence in same-sex couples, domestic violence in communities of color, etc)
  • Social justice
  • Non-profits
  • Women's issues
  • Bullying
  • Anti-racism work
  • Elder abuse

RICADV also subscribes to various journals, varying in topic from communities of color, to grassroots organizing, to violence against women and girls. Some materials are also available in Spanish.

Materials may be borrowed without a fee; the library is open during regular business hours (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm). Please see below for details on how to check out materials from our library.

Information packets are also available on the following topics:

  • RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Dynamics of domestic violence
  • Children who witness domestic violence
  • Teen dating violence
  • Rhode Islands Batterer's Intervention Programs
  • Domestic violence and economic independence
  • Domestic violence in same-sex relationships
  • Domestic violence in communities of color

Information packets contain fact sheets, articles, worksheets and other useful information on each topic with a resource page with other books, videos, and journal articles that may be helpful in researching a particular topic. Call or e-mail the Coalition to obtain information packets or with suggestions for additional topics.

Information Requests/ Research: Our Policy, Education and Planning Staff are available to answer information requests. We may assist you in using our resource library, recommend resources, or make referrals to other experts in the field. In addition, we can provide you with statistical information on domestic violence in RI, legislative and law information, and other public policy questions. Please remember that Coalition staff are not lawyers and cannot provide any legal advice. If you or someone you know is seeking information on services available in RI for victims of domestic violence, please call the Victims of Crime Helpline at 1-800-494-8100.

Lending Library Rules:

Service Member Agencies General Public
Book Lending Free of charge 2 week limit Free of charge 2 week limit need photocopy of ID
Video Lending Free of charge 7 day limit Free of charge 7 day limit liable for cost of item if not returned; must sign checkout receipt acknowledging this
Video Previewing Please call ahead to reserve TV/VCR Please call ahead to reserve TV/VCR
Handouts and Copies Free of charge 10¢/copy donation requested for photocopies
Referral Cards & Brochures Free of charge Free of charge
Information Packets Free of charge Free of charge

Domestic Violence Laws

RI Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic Violence Prevention Act (§12-29)
These laws established a procedure for the Criminal Court System to handle domestic violence cases. This act created mandatory arrest, victimless prosecution, No Contact Orders, court advocates and batterers’ intervention programs.

Domestic Abuse Prevention, Family Court (§15-15) This act created Family Court Restraining Orders and provided a definition of Domestic Abuse within the Family Court. Persons qualified to receive such an order are those who are related to the defendant by blood or marriage, or those who are minors and have been in a substantial dating relationship with the defendant.

Domestic Abuse Prevention, District Court (§8-8.1) This act created District Court restraining orders and provided a definition of Domestic Abuse within the District Court Civil System. Persons qualified to receive such an order are those who have resided together or who have had a significant dating relationship within the past year.


Downloadable RICADV Logos

Below is a listing of our organization logos. For more information, please contact Nicole Lagace at 401.467.9940.

RICADV Logo Color: EPS format created in Adobe Illustrator

RICADV Logo White: EPS format created in Adobe Illustrator

RICADV Logo Black: EPS format created in Adobe Illustrator

Register for the Domestic Violence Address Confidentiality Program!

registration voteRegister for the Domestic Violence Address Confidentiality Program!

Don’t choose between your right to safety and your right to vote! Are you a survivor of domestic violence?  Do you live with a survivor of domestic violence?  If so, you may qualify for the Rhode Island Address Confidentiality Program.

What is it?

A program run by the RI Secretary of State which allows domestic violence survivors, and those who live with them, to block their addresses from being made public in the voter registration files. You can register to vote and still ensure that your abuser won’t find you. 

Personalized Safety Plan

Personalized Safety Plan

NOTE: For a more detailed safety planning document, contact or any one of our member agencies for consultation with an Advocate. The use of the Personalized Safety Plan is most effective when used in combination with individualized safety plan conducted in person or by phone with a domestic violence advocate from one of our member agencies.


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