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Take Action

While we know that there are many risk factors that can heighten the likelihood or severity of domestic violence, none of them can singularly account for the tragic levels of violence we’ve seen this past year. The real reason why domestic violence murders continue to occur is because we continue to tolerate domestic violence in our society.

In our work towards protecting lives, we must improve the tools that police and prosecutors use to hold batterers accountable.

Your voice is needed!

Write a Letter to the Editor

Write a letter to the editor of your local paper to advocate for strengthening our system to keep victims and the children safe and hold batterers accountable.

Because many people read letters-to-the-editor (LTEs) in their local newspaper, they are a quick, effective and continuing means of spreading our message of intolerance for domestic violence to a wide audience.

Decision-makers often read letters to the editor to get a sense of their constituencies' concerns.

You can add your voice in our efforts to protect lives and safety of victims of domestic violence and their children by writing a letter to the editor by following these three steps. The last step will help us track our progress.

Step One. Click on the newspaper from the list below that you would like to write to. Don't see your newspaper listed? That's okay! If you know where to send a letter to your newspaper, all the better.

Step Two. Things to think about when writing your letter:
In 2010, we saw more Rhode Islanders than ever before recorded lose their lives to domestic violence. Any death due to family violence represents a failure of our legal system to hold abusers accountable, and a failure to keep victims and families safe.

In addition to the heartbreaking number of homicides, the RICADV has also seen record high numbers of clients approaching our agencies for shelter, counseling, court advocacy and other services.

The report, Safety for Children, found that staggering numbers of victims and children continued to experience physical, verbal and emotional abuse within the custody arrangement or during visitation.

We must do better in Rhode Island to protect lives from the dangers of domestic violence, to keep victims and children safe, and to hold batterers accountable.