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Additional Resources

Below are resources about bystander intervention nationally.

Much of our own references come from Response Ability,
a non-profit organization that works to create a community
of active bystanders with courageous leadership.


red flag

The Red Flag Campaign encourages bystanders
to speak up when they see warning signs,
or "red flags" for dating violence.

know your power
The Know Your Power Campaign is a social marketing
campaign that encourages students to become active bystanders.


The Green Dot Campaign works to change
a "red dot situation" (high risk situation) into a
green dot by taking action and
making the community a safer place.


The Ending Violence Association of British Columbia has tips on what you can do as a bystander.

At the University of New Hampshire, they have a prevention program called Bringing in the Bystander that works to give bystanders the tools they need to take action, as well as a research component that evaluates how this program works. Click here for a publication on how they evaluated their sexual violence prevention program through bystander education.

The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence has resources on bystander basics.

The Mississippi Coalition Against Sexual Assault provides information bystander intervention as well as other resources.

In Montana, the Make Your Move Missoula campaign works to end sexual violence by engaging men and women in raising awareness on sexual violence as well as encouraging bystanders to speak up.

Break the Cycle has tips on how to Help a Stranger.