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KNOW MORE: Real Ways to Help Someone 


The RICADV's six local agencies provide a wide array of services for victims of dating/domestic violence – including 24 hour hotline support, emergency shelter, support groups, counseling services, and assistance with the legal system. For more information about these organizations and services, call the statewide Helpline at 800-494-8100. And if you hear or see someone being hurt, call 911 immediately.

Do You KNOW How to Help?

Take this interactive quiz to find out how you would help someone in an abusive relationship.

howwouldyouhelp quiz

Source: loveisrespect.org



RealTalk Cards

Helping someone in an abusive relationship can sometimes be about starting a conversation. The RealTalk cards below were designed to help engage students in having real, honest conversations about dating and healthy relationships. The info in them can be useful to parents, educators and students.


Share your story with us! Fill out the form below and let us KNOW how you helped someone.


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- KNOW MORE: Resource Links





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