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Statewide Prevention Plan

RICADV PreventionPlan ThumbAddressing the Violence Before It Starts

pdfDomestic Violence Primary Prevention Plan

Members of the Rhode Island State Steering Committee (SSC) developed this domestic violence primary prevention plan as the first step in a long-term process to alter cultural norms, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that support domestic violence.

As part of the DELTA Project (Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancement Leadership Through Alliances), the Rhode Island SSC identified evidence-informed prevention strategies targeting men and teens. Ways to improve community-based organizations’ and community members’ ability to use and evaluate these prevention strategies are also part of this plan.

Rhode Island is well positioned to lead a concerted effort to prevent domestic violence. We have an established network of domestic violence services, laws that address victim safety and perpetrator accountability, and a history of working collaboratively to address social justice and public health concerns. One in four Rhode Islanders is affected by domestic violence. Every Rhode Islander has a role to play in preventing it.