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Prevention Work

TEN MEN Project


TEN MEN is made up of Rhode Island men from diverse walks of life who have a common vision — a world without domestic violence. Most men are not violent in their relationships. But, one man is one man too many.

That is why TEN MEN came together — to reach everyday men who are not sure how to help, and therefore remain silent in the face of other men's violence. TEN MEN is the first statewide effort made up of pioneering, male leaders who have stepped forward and are committed to breaking that silence.

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Ben: "It's time to say NO MORE to domestic violence."
Erol: "As men, we can help simply by starting the conversation."
Bill: "Talk to your sons; teach them to respect women."
Erol: "Talk to your students about equality in relationships."
Ralph: "Talk to your athletes without using phrases like, 'you're
playing like a girl.'"
Kyle: "Talk to your colleagues and tell them that jokes insulting
women are NOT funny."
Ralph: "When you hear abusive language - Speak up."
Ben: "For more ways to start the conversation contact
the Rhode Island Against Domestic Violence website."

More information coming soon ...



In 2013, the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence celebrated its eleventh year of partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) with the award of the DELTA FOCUS grant.

DELTA FOCUS stands for Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancements and Leadership Through Alliances, Focusing on Outcomes for Communities United with States.

It is a five-year cooperative agreement funding ten state domestic violence coalition grantees to engage in primary prevention of intimate partner violence (IPV).

DELTA FOCUS was a highly competitive grant; only ten applicants in the country were selected to continue working on IPV primary prevention, and Rhode Island was one of them.

Through this grant, the RICADV has the opportunity to conduct state-level advocacy and systems change while supporting intensely-focused work in the local communities of two RICADV member agencies, the Women's Resource Center and the Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center.

The national-level goals of this five-year DELTA FOCUS project include:

  • Identifying promising prevention strategies and describing them using case studies
  • Promoting the prevention of intimate partner violence
  • Creating a foundation for building practice-based evidence for intimate partner violence prevention programming

The goals within Rhode Island include:

  • Increasing enhancement, integration, and institutionalization of primary prevention principles, concepts, and practices within youth-serving community-based agencies, domestic violence agencies, schools, and national prevention partners
  • Increasing the number of men in Rhode Island engaged in the primary prevention of intimate partner violence, including increased awareness of the relationship between gender roles, social norms, hypermasculinity, and intimate partner violence
  • Building social capital and community connectedness among Rhode Island residents

DELTA FOCUS places greater emphasis on evaluation than previous DELTA funding cycles. By collecting data in a systematic and intentional way, the RICADV will participate in the creation of a national body of evidence to support the efficacy of primary prevention programming. Additionally, this innovative work will enable the RICADV to link implemented strategies with observed changes in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors among individuals and communities throughout RI.

The RICADV continues to work alongside its multi-disciplinary Leadership Team to plan, implement, and evaluate statewide prevention strategies.

Members of the Leadership Team are:

  • Ann Burke, President, Lindsay Ann Burke Memorial Fund
  • Deborah DeBare, Executive Director, RICADV
  • Sarah DeCosta-Marsland, DELTA Organizer, Elizabeth Buffum Chace Center
  • Christina Garcia, Youth Advocate & Manager of Teen Dating Violence Prevention, Sojourner House
  • Zulma Garcia, Director of Policy, RICADV
  • Kim Harris, Adolescent Health Specialist, RI Department of Health
  • Sandra Malone, Coordinator of Prevention Education, Day One
  • Beatriz Perez, Violence and Injury Prevention Director, SafeRI - RI Department of Health
  • Lucy Rios, Director of Prevention and Public Education, RICADV
  • Emily Rothman ScD, Sr. Empowerment Evaluator, Boston University School of Public Health
  • Claire Spaulding McVicker, Executive Director, Katie Brown Educational Program
  • Sam Viner-Brown, Chief of the Center for Health Data and Analysis, RI Department of Health
  • Jessica Walsh, Director of Prevention, Women's Resource Center
  • Cristina E. Williams, Communications and Public Relations Manager, RICADV

Prevention Q&A

Why Prevention?

The people of a small village wake up one day to find a body floating down the river screaming for help. They quickly worked together to pull the drowning man out of the river. Five minutes later there's another body floating down the river screaming for help. Again, the villagers worked together and are able to pull the drowning woman out of the river to safety. Five minutes later, yet another body is floating down the river. They start pulling the body out when another body appears. The more bodies the villagers pull out, the more bodies appear.

Prevention Plans 2013


Rhode Island's Ten Men Project was established in the spring of 2012 to engage male allies in the prevention of domestic violence. Most men who are not violent are not sure how to help, and remain silent in the face of other men's violence. Ten Men is the first statewide effort made up of diverse male leaders who have stepped forward and committed to breaking that silence.

More information coming soon ...

Flash Mob Against Teen Dating Violence!

Many thanks to all the supporters who turned out to Kennedy Plaza this Saturday to help us raise awareness about Teen Dating Violence Awareness & Prevention Month! We had a fantastic turnout -- over 50 people danced to the Glee Cast's mashup of "Survivor/ I Will Survive" to show their support for the cause. Check out the video, shot by RI Monthly magazine, below:

Statewide Prevention Plan

RICADV PreventionPlan ThumbAddressing the Violence Before It Starts

pdfDomestic Violence Primary Prevention Plan

Members of the Rhode Island State Steering Committee (SSC) developed this domestic violence primary prevention plan as the first step in a long-term process to alter cultural norms, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that support domestic violence.

Community Partnership Teams

Community Partnership Teams

Rhode Island has four communities that focus on prevention: