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KNOW MORE - Digital Launch

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We are excited to welcome you to the launch of our KNOW MORE campaign to end domestic violence. Though Domestic Violence Awareness Month is over, our bystander work continues. It will take more than one month and a lot more people to end domestic violence! Throughout the month of October we asked bystanders to get involved in the movement in various ways. KNOW MORE is an expansion of our NO MORE campaign in RI, chosen because research shows that educating and engaging bystanders is a promising way to help prevent the widespread problem of domestic and sexual violence within communities.

In the coming months we will expand our digital tools page, including the KNOW MORE VIDEO PROJECT featuring real bystander stories, and invite you to participate by sharing YOUR bystander stories. Our commitment to educating bystanders will go beyond DVAM because it will take more communities coming together to protect the more than 10,000 people in RI experiencing abuse who seek support from our member agencies. So, visit us here and at often for additional tools. And, let us know what you need to KNOW MORE to end domestic violence by interacting with us, emailing us and submitting your bystander video ( We will include as many as we can! KNOWLEDGE IS YOUR FIRST STEP.






The stories you'll see below are true accounts of bystanders who intervened in domestic violence situations. We thank them for their courage in sharing them. We also thank the survivors of domestic violence from SOAR (Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships) for sharing what it meant to have a bystander help them, and in many cases, find safety.

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Bystanders come from all walks of life and are health care professionals, public officials and everyday citizens. We are all bystanders, but how can we be an active bystander and help prevent domestic violence? Below you'll hear stories of bystanders involved in the movement to end domestic violence. Their efforts are helping in big ways by giving victims the resources to stay safe and changing the laws to protect them and keep batterers accountable; but it's important to remember that even the smallest step can save someone's life. That means that as a family member, friend, colleague or neighbor, you will usually be the first person to learn of the abuse. Domestic Violence survivors commonly say that it was the one act of intervention that helped them to move past the violence and start their lives again. 

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Gina M. Raimondo, Rhode Island General Treasurer


As part of our commitment to ending domestic violence in our communities, we will post bystander tools that our public awareness working group will develop in response to your feedback.  So, let us know how we can help you to KNOW MORE about ending domestic violence.  Additionally, send us your bystander videos and we'll include as many as we can on this page and through our social media channels.  Email your videos to

Be sure to check out the report just released by that includes information about bystander awareness. We need to KNOW MORE to DO MORE.
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault - Survey of Attitudes and Experiences of Teens and Adults

And, here are some other great bystander reads and tools to begin or reinforce your bystander journey:

Why It's Hard to be a Bystander - ICADV

Be an Active Bystander - DELTA Project of Ottawa County

Strategies for Becoming an Active Bystander - Center for Women in Transition

Be More Than a Bystander - Ending Violence Association of BC


SOAR (Sister's Overcoming Abusive Relationships):

SOAR (Sisters Overcoming Abusive Relationships) is a nationally recognized task force of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence, made up of survivors of domestic violence. SOAR's mission is to promote, advocate and work towards the elimination of domestic violence and to embody and give visibility to the voices of abused women. SOAR is the only group in Rhode Island specifically working on systems change that entirely consists of domestic violence survivors, and is a leader among similar groups in the nation.

Mary Byron Celebrating Solutions Award 2012 - SOAR was one of four recipients of this national award for their work on the Child Custody and Visitation initiative where they implemented innovative solutions to end domestic violence and served domestic violence survivors and families.

SOAR members received special recognition from the Attorney General during Victims' Crime Week for their performance in the play Behind Closed Doors.

On September 5, 2013 the Trinity Repertory Company was recognized for their contributions to ending domestic violence.

Visit for more information.

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