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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence is to eliminate domestic violence in Rhode Island. Our mission is to support and enhance the work of our member agencies, and to provide leadership on the issue of domestic violence.

The Coalition:

  • Fosters communication, resource sharing, networking and collaboration
  • Raises awareness, responds to community needs, and educates the public about domestic violence
  • Promotes community organizing around prevention of domestic violence
  • Advocates locally and nationally to impact social and systemic change on the issue of domestic violence
  • Partners with the survivors to strengthen the voices of abused women
  • Accesses resources to maximize community impact

Vision Statement

We envision a society where domestic violence is not tolerated because communities are enlightened and responsive to the needs of victims and their children. We pledge our commitment to achieve this vision by:

  • Providing services that are consistent in their high quality, and distinctive in their victim-focused approach
  • Providing effective education to every woman, child and man in our communities
  • Providing leadership in the field of domestic violence

We, the RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence and its member agencies, will achieve this vision through collaboration, advocacy, and creativity. We embrace these challenges with a unified voice.